What utilities will available in Napa heights?

AMBS Developments will be providing a gated secure community, with asphalted roads, paved side walks, water supply (from NWC), and overhead electricity. The property will be surrounded with a perimeter fence with one entry in and out.

Where exactly is Napa Heights and how close are you to local amenities?

Napa Heights is situated in Drax Hall Heights two minutes to the east of St. Ann’s Bay, which has access to all amenities, an hour drive from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, 30 minutes from the Boscobel aerodrome and 10 minutes from Ocho Rios. For easy access the property is less than 2 minutes drive off the North coast highway.

When will Napa Heights be completed and when will titles be available?

The completion of infrastructure and issuance of title is generally referred to as “completion”. Upon completion of infrastructure in Napa heights new titles will be created by the government title office and issued or transfer into new purchasers’ name. We are estimating completion of the entire project by the end of 2012 with titles available by March 2013.

Do I have to find a lawyer?

Yes a lawyer is required. If you don’t have an attorney, we can recommend attorneys who have represented previous purchasers. For those looking to find their own, its best advised to find one who is routinely involved in real estate matters. If you are overseas transactions can be done via courier (FedEx, DHL etc.). If your attorney is local, Funds can be wired or FedEx down to them.

Please note, when paying deposits to attorneys please do not send personal cheques from overseas, just Managers cheques or wire transfers.

Can I Buy without Coming to Jamaica?

Many clients send family members to view the property and have bought without even seeing it first hand. Overseas transactions can be done via courier (FedEx, DHL etc.).

How about home owner’s and maintenance fees?

The homeowner’s association will be formed and operated by the lot owners who will establish the level of services desired and set an operated body which is not profit driven, Fees are expected to be low with good value for money.

Can a foreigner buy?

Individuals or companies of any nationality or citizenship are free to own land and get financing to buy property in Jamaica without any restriction or special permission.

Financing the deal, how does it work?

Payments are made as per terms of the sale agreement and registered title is issued and transferred on completion of payments.

What if I start the buying process but can’t complete it, do I lose all my money?

No, under Jamaican law you can only lose 10% of the purchase price if you default for any reason whatsoever.

Are there any special building restrictions in this area?

There are 3 main covenants adhering to this property which are:

  • Nothing higher than 2 stories, including basements and lofts.
  • 7 year build out period from time title is issued.
  • Specific roof types, such as tile and shingle roofing.
  • Residential single family dwellings only
Is the Project approved by the necessary authorities?

Yes, Napa Heights has all necessary approvals including:

  • Parish Council approval
  • National Environmental and Planning approval
  • Real Estate Board approval
60% Payment Plan

Our payment plan is as follows…

  • 20% of the selling price on signing,
  • A further 20% three months from signing,
  • A Further 20% six months from signing
  • The balance on completion or issuance of title.

We are partnered with Jamaica National Building society, for those who wish to take a loan. For more information on how best to proceed, Please contact Ms. Winsome Ricketts, Sales Officer in Ocho Rios, Cell 876-577-9048, Tel: 876-733-7162, 876-974-2371 or E-mail Wricketts@jnbs.com

Are there other costs apart from the sale price?

Other costs that are associated with purchasing of the property include:

  • 50% of stamp duty
  • 50% of registration fee
  • 50% of cost of agreement

Please note that developer pays all transfer tax.