Video Tours

Below are our video tours showcasing a few different aspects of Napa Heights. These videos were taken at the start of the project when the roads were initially cut.

Tour 1 of 6
Highest part of Napa Heights at corner of lot 95 and 96 and infront of lot 91. You can see the full layout of the property. This video shows that some lots such as 75 – 78, which although set back in the hillside, still have obstructed see views.

Tour 2 of 6
This video starts at junction of lots 3,8, and 10 looking towards lots 98 – 95. We also pan to show lots 81 – 91. Towards the end of the video are lots 10 – 13 and on the otherside of the road are lots 14, 16, and 17. The video ends with an unobstructed sea views and a few homes of the existing Village Green community.

Tour 4 of 6
Video starts at Lots 18, lot 9, and lot 84. As we drive further into Napa Heights we can see the sea views from lots 20 and the corner of lots 21 and lot 40.

Tour 5 of 6
Slow driving past Lot 22, Lot 23, and Lot 24.

To view one of our video tours, click on the link below: